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Author of the autobiography Am I Crazy?

Cancer stole everything she cared about… then gave back more than she could imagine…

Am I Crazy? (Autobiography coming soon)

Am I crazy? (Getting cancer worked for me)


What do you do when life kicks an already ‘fragile you’ to the kerb?

You’re single, a people-pleaser, beset with self-doubt, experiencing short periods of mild anxiety and depression. Out of nowhere you are diagnosed with a super-rare cancer that can’t be treated in your country, you lose your job, and become an empty-nester, almost all at once.


You plan the trip of a lifetime in case you don’t survive, to visit everyone you ever made friends with, many of whom you haven’t seen in twenty-five years, and just hope you’ll be well enough to make the journey!

This is the raw, honest and sometimes humorous account of one woman’s quest and subsequent trip across the world to cure her rare cancer.  She discovers as she travels further, to visit old friends and other patients she’s befriended online, that her journey offers a return to emotional as well as physical health.

CBS Baltimore Interview:

About Emma

Emma Capell is a dreamer, a romantic and an adventurer.

She was born in London and emigrated to Sydney, Australia at the age of twenty-one for the beach lifestyle. Marriage followed, and she and her husband lived in outback Queensland, Scotland, Norway, Egypt and France over the next eight years before returning to Sydney.

Divorce six years later left Emma a single mum of three children, aged seven, nine and eleven, having to return to the workforce after fifteen years. She cobbled together a living for eleven years at various entry level jobs until cancer was diagnosed aged fifty. A number of life-changing disappointments then piled on top before she could even get treatment, causing her to re-examine her dreams and reinvent her life.



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